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Indexing and retrieving Semantic Web resources: the RDFStore model
A. Reggiori, DW van Gulik, Z. Bjelogrlic

Paper as submitted in HTML.

Presentation in HTML (see also RDF description of it).

SWAD-Europe Workshop on Semantic Web Storage and Retrieval

13-14 November 2003, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Making Business Sense of the Semantic Web
Z. Bjelogrlic, DW van Gulik, A Reggiori

Paper as submitted in PDF.

Presentation in HTML or as PDF.

Sanibel Island, Florida

Two RDQL Application Cases
Alberto Reggiori

Presentation of applications built using the RDQL query language.
( HTML , Comments , Conference Weblog)

WWW2003 Budapest

Developers Day May 24 2003

Image Showcase - Work in Progress Presentation
an example of using the Semantic Web to unify and improve presentation of samples of satellite images and descriptions of the European Space Agency. Presentation of April 2003, progress meeting. (PDF 6.2MB, QuickTime 5.1MB)

On line demo/demo1
Contents published might be covered by Copyright, ask for please.
"Asemantics Search"
Z Bjelogrlic, DW van Gulik, A Reggiori, D Norheim
description of a project for improving the search of earth observation information in the web by using semantic web technologies.
abstract, PDF (48KB) and poster, PDF (168KB)
Joint EUSC ESA Seminar on
Knowledge driven Information Management in Earth Observation data.
European Space Agency/ESRIN Frascati, 5-6/12/2002

Semantic Web and Space/Earth Applications
Z Bjelogrlic, DW van Gulik, A Reggiori, D Norheim

a presentation of the semantic web and its possible use for space and earth science applications. tutorial based on different types of data used typically in this world.
power point presentation, 78 slides, html, or download PDF(13.2MB)

European Space Agency/ESRIN
Frascati, 7/10/2002

Semantic Web and CEOS
C Best, JRC

introduction, power point presentation, 7 slides, html

RDF and Semantic Web for Space/Earth Applications
Z Bjelogrlic, DW van Gulik
introduction and short presentation of the idea
w3c slidemaker, 10 slides, html

CEOS meeting, September 2002

Custom Built Search and Intelligence Engines
available upon

Comapny Internal Paper
August 2002

"Three Implementations of SquishQL, a Simple RDF Query Language"
, ILRT, Bristol University, UK, , Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Bristol, UK, , WebWeaving Internet Engineering, Arnhem, The Netherlands
( HTML , PDF )

The First International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) Sardinia, Italy, June 2002  

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