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Image Showcase

The image showcase is a content management solution for the European Space Agency, but applies to all companies with localized information from different sources. The solution allows for a simplified searching and visualization of results. Its architecture enables iterative adding new details. Read more...

News Blender

News Blender is your mix of real-time Italian news. The solution is applicable for all industries, and offers a news clipping service with extensive personalization and integration into web pages, calenders, devices or applications. The News blender solution differs from other news services like Google News that only offers a linked presentation and Moreover that offers only predefined topics. Read more...

WAter Data Infrastructure (WADI)

WADI is a collaboration effort between various dutch civil institutions who play a role in Water management. The role of the WADI solution is to replace or augment several 10's of existing databases used by various parts of the local, regional and national water management authorities. The WADI system is able to cope with a wide range of data, with an a-priori unknown structure and provides a completely agnostic interface to changes on data and structures stored. Read more...

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